Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Songwriting Contest: Real Deal or Rigged?

Okay, so is the American Idol Songwriting Contest the real deal? For just a $10 entry fee, you too can have a chance to have your song sung by the next American Idol! Of course, last year they apparently received 200,000+ entries, (which means they made a lot of money) and I wonder who listened to all of those songs? Did they really get a fair hearing by industry professionals? It seems doubtful. Almost all of the final twenty songs just happened to be written by people with industry connections! And, P.S., most of them were not great. Did you hear the winning song, "This is My Now?" It got airplay for about a day after Jordin Sparks won and then it fizzled! Because it was a horrible rambling song with no good hook. How does this happen? I'm sure that there were good songs in that 200,000+, but no political connections meant they had no chance. It really is sad. I was hoping that idol would give songwriters the same chance they gave aspiring vocalists all over the country. I guess we will have to see if they come up with a good song this year or another dud. My advice - take the time to listen to the real folks who submitted - you might find a real gem!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Brain Hurts

Don't get me wrong - I love technology, at least I love the end results of technology. I am amazed by state-of-the-art websites with their creative use of Flash animation; I love the resources that we have as educators to teach music students about theory and composition; I am simply excited about being able to take my computer with me wherever I go. However, sometimes when I am trying to learn something new, like how to use ActionScript to create a game, my brain just hurts. Today is one of those days!!! I am having trouble grasping all of the commands and functions. I know what I want it to do, but trying to figure out how to tell the machine to do it is another story. Trial and error prevails for now. Hopefully, a solution will present itself soon. Perhaps a nap would help me process....